Kneeling Chair Purchasing Guide

black kneeling chairKneeling chairs (Modeets kneeling chairs) increase productivity and health, as well as make sitting fun. Movement is the key in buying all good chairs, up-and-down, forwards-and-backwards, side-to-side. Good posture is recommended in sitting to avoid back aches and achieve what we call Active Sitting. The following are tips to guide you while doing your purchase.

Kneeling Chair Tips

Pick an Adjustable Chair

Make sure you pick an adjustable chair for you to be comfortable in while sitting since people come in different shapes and sizes. Picking a height adjustable chair helps you to achieve the correct height. Keeping an eye-level at the mid-line of the monitor of your computer is the most important ergonomic recommendations.  Check out the top kneeling chair review site – Modeets for various models.

Get a Mobile Base

A rolling base helps you move around the space where you work without necessarily getting out of your chair. This is another important factor as it encourages one to stay free. A lot of kneeling chair users frequently get themselves wheeling back and forth while placing one foot on the ground. This keeps the joints lubricated and loosens the muscles as well as feeling great.

Do Not Skimp on the Padding

This mostly affects the new users. The shin pad is sometimes uncomfortable and also awkward if there is no consideration given to the padding at first. There are several options that come with thick padding. Memory foam, for example holds up for a long time and is very comfortable.

Proper Certification

As much as it might be the very last thing to do, proper certification is very important. Make sure the brand you are buying is properly certified by reputable authorities. For instance the American National Standards Association.

It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of what you should exactly be looking for, before you rush out to purchase any kneeling chair to ensure the comfort of your spine.

Review: The Office Star Kneeling Chair

posture stoolThe Office Star ergonomically designed kneeling chair is a step above the rest of its kind. It’s one of the top products at If you’re like most of us that experience back pain from sitting at the desk for long periods of time, then rest assured that there are many ergonomic solutions available that can help relieve your back pain.  The Office Star is one of them.  It’s unique design allows you to sit comfortably at your desk, without having to bother with the aches and pains that accumulate during the day.  Find out what this amazing kneeling chair is so popular.

Kneeling chairs, also known as knee stools, are designed with a sloped seat which gives more room to the frontal hip area of the body.  To prevent you from falling off the chair, knee pads are placed such that you stay in place.  What the wide sitting angle provides is increased comfort for the lower back. The lumbar spine attaches to a muscle group known as the psoas.  The psoas reaches around to the front of the hips.  By providing more space to the psoas to stretch and stay long, you’re able to experience more comfort while seated. Typically, the psoas is one of the main reason back pain is felt in the chair.  This muscle starts to tighten, simply because our bodies weren’t designed to sit.  The Office Star kneeling chair takes care of this problem.

In addition, if you have trouble keeping a healthy posture throughout the day, this Office Star chair is a great solution.  The chair doesn’t come with a back rest on purpose. It’s designed in such a way so you rely on the own strength of your core muscles to keep you upright.  You’ll be sitting up straight without you even having to think about it.  For years, I had a curvature in my upper back, namely because of the line of work I do. I’m an architect and I commonly hunch forward to draw.  Once I switched over to this chair, my habits changed and so did my posture.

Review: Gaiam Yoga Ball Chair

gaiam chair in blueThis is a ball chair review (read more) for the Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair.  Are you used to being seated at your desk for long hours; then Gaiam has the chair for you. It is designed with the ability to ensure that you to increase your body energy levels boost your health very comfortably while you are seated on it. It is also a great help when it comes to improving your posture. An improved posture by the ball chair helps in you gaining better circulation on the upper part of your body and less neck body and joint pain. For people seated for long hours, lower back problems will be no more if you get this chair.

Check out this interesting article from the NY times about the recent rise in popularity of yoga chairs.

The Gaiam chair is fitted with a removable 55 centimeter anti burst latex ball. This ball is to be used by people who are about 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches in height. This is mainly used for inter meeting stretching sessions and as a go-to at-home yoga ball. Also incorporated is a desktop stretching guide with a DVD that has 20 minute workout sessions and three ten minute routines for quick workouts.

In comparison to the older models the Gaiam chair is much better. Its height is easily adjustable and easy when it comes to changing the settings. The solid and wheels allow you to move about without fear of falling over. On this chair you are upright and balanced which makes it very comfortable, making it have a big plus. The chair has received compliments from people who have used it and many others want to try the equipment.

I would highly recommend this chair to anybody who is considering buying a yoga ball chair on Amazon going only for 80 dollars or at review sites like

I sure do hope that my ball chair review has been useful in helping you make a solid purchase.